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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we prep for interior and exterior projects?

The things in and around your home are just as important as the painting project. We always cover all non-painted surfaces with products such as Ram Board, thick plastic, FrogTape, and drop cloths to keep your flooring, furniture, and valuables protected.

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What paint do we use on exterior projects?

Once we have pressure washed and cleaned your entire home, our team will begin priming the entire home with Loxon Masonry primer to ensure a moisture and insect resistant surface that also helps the paint adhere. For your body, trim, soffits, and fascia we will use Shewin Williams Emerald Rain Refresh, and your doors/garage doors will be painted with Sherwin Williams Emerald Urethane.

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What paint do we use on interior projects?

If we begin a project with bare drywall, we will use Sherwin Williams PVA primer to have proper adhesion of the paint. For ceilings we spray and back roll Sherwin Williams Promar 400 in flat white. Your trim and doors will receive 2 coats of Sherwin's Emerald Urethane semi-gloss, and all walls will get 2 coats of Sherwin Williams Duration.

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How many coats of paint do we apply?

Our team always applies 2 coats of paint to all surfaces of your project. This ensures a full coverage finish without light spots. As members of the Paint Contractors Association (PCA) we must adhere to industry guidelines and have the proper thickness as instructed to be considered a professional paint job.

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Cabinet refinishing vs. Painting

Cabinet painting and refinishing are two popular options for updating the look of your cabinets. When it comes to cabinet painting, this process involves applying paint to the surface of the cabinets. Often an acrylic latex paint. While it looks great to begin with, it often will chip, peel, or fade over time often requiring touch ups. This option is generally more affordable in the beginning but additional maintenance is common.

The key difference between cabinet painting and refinishing is the level of transformation they offer. Cabinet refinishing involves removing the existing finish and applying a new one through several rounds of sanding, priming, and top coating specific to refinishing. For example, we use a 2k polyurethane coating and add catalyzer for extra strength and a finish that lasts the entire lifetime of the cabinetry. Refinishing is generally more time-consuming, but it will provide a more dramatic transformation and can even increase the value of the home.

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How long does a project typically take?

Depending on the size of your project this will vary. Most full interior projects on standard homes between 1800-2500 SQFT will take between 6-8 days. A complete exterior typically ranges between 5-7 days. The length of time for cabinet refinishing depends on the number of doors and drawers you have. For a more accurate time frame contact us for a free consultation!

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Are we licensed and insured?

Yes! We hold all necessary licensing and insurances to be a fully operational professional painting company.

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