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Our mission is to provide high level customer service, communication, and workmanship to make your house feel like home.

Serving The Greater Tampa Bay Area Since 2021.

Welcome to Total Quality Painting – Where Your Spaces Come to Life with Color and Elegance! Our expert team is dedicated to transforming your interiors into captivating canvases of personality and style. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for precision, we offer a range of painting services that will redefine your living spaces.

With an unwavering commitment to quality, we meticulously prepare surfaces, select premium paints, that breathe new life into your rooms. Whether you seek a modern makeover or a timeless transformation, our interior painting service turns your vision into reality.

As Tampa Bay continues to evolve, Total Quality Painting stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of new construction and remodeling painting services. With a deep-rooted commitment to this community and an eye for detail, we have become the trusted partners for homeowners, builders, and designers alike. Our journey is one of transforming raw structures into timeless works of art, breathing life into every corner of this dynamic and growing region.

We understand that new constructions and remodels are more than just structures; they are the embodiment of dreams and aspirations. Our team of seasoned professionals will bring your vision to life with precision and dedication. From contemporary homes that grace Tampa Bay to revamped spaces that honor its rich history, our painting services are the thread that weaves beauty, durability, and innovation to your project.

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions About New Construction & Remodeling Painting

Do We Work with Designers?

Of Course! By combining our meticulous craftsmanship with the designer's expertise, we ensure that every project reflects both functional excellence and aesthetic brilliance, resulting in spaces that are both visually captivating and flawlessly executed.

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When Do Painters Come into Play for My Project?

Generally, throughout a new home build or remodel we are one of the last trades to enter your upcoming residence. We typically arrive in two phases. One, where any new ceilings are primed and painted, and new drywall will be primed. Phase two is in the final stretch of your project. We will come back to paint all trim, crown, and walls for a final look tying your project together!

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Are We Licensed or Insured?

Without a doubt! As professionals within this field and a reputation to maintain we always carry the proper licensing and insurances to not only protect you, your contractor, and us.

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How Our Painting Services Work

Painting your home doesn't have to be a hassle. Our goal is to provide you with a carefree experience by treating you and your home as if it were our own. Take advantage of our process and enjoy the transformation of your home or business while you sit back and relax.

1. Contact Us

Reach out to us to by either filling out our online form or call now to talk about your latest painting project. One of our team members will discuss the colors, textures, and rough cost. We will also plan an in-home consultation to give you a cost and time estimate.

2. We Get Started

After all the details of your project are finalized, we’ll begin prepping all surfaces to be painted and get started. While we paint your home, we’ll keep you updated with the progress of your project and our project lead will perform a final walk-through with you to ensure you are completely satisfied.

3. Enjoy!

Now it’s time to celebrate your new home with fresh and vibrant colors. Enjoy an increased curb appeal and an appearance that will last for several years to come.




Quality Workmanship

When it comes to your project, we treat each one as if it were our own. Our goal is for you to be proud of the service you've just paid for and that means quality work and long-lasting results.


Licensed & Insured

Choosing a licensed painting service means choosing excellence backed by credentials. Our team of skilled painters holds the necessary licenses, demonstrating their expertise and adherence to industry standards. With Total Quality Painting, your project is in the hands of professionals who are dedicated to delivering the finest results.



As PCA members, our painters regularly attend seminars and workshops conducted by industry experts. These events expose us to cutting-edge techniques, best practices, and fresh perspectives that we integrate into our work and your project.



With us, communication is prioritized heavily. We believe in keeping you up to date with your project, who will be arriving, and what time. Have questions during your project as well? Let us know!


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Welcome to Total Quality Painting. We are a residential and new construction painting company located here in Tampa, Fl. Our mission is to provide high level customer service, communication, and workmanship to make your house feel like home.



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